5MP 1/2.5" 16mm 27 Degrees CCTV Fixed Iris IR Board Lens M12 MTV Mount for 960P 1080P 2MP 3MP 4MP 5Megapixel Analog IP Camera
1. 5 megapixel 16mm board lens
2. IR sensitive Lens
3. 1/2.5" format, M12*0.5 Mount, F2.0
4. Low image d istortion l ens 5. Suitable for 2MP 1080P , 3MP, 4MP and 5MP HD dome camera and bullet camera
6. 2 years\\\' warranty
5 Megapixel Board lens
Focal Length
Image Size
Horizontal Angle of View
27 Degrees
Mount Type
Optical Length
Back Focal Length
Operation Mode
Manual with lock
External Dimensions(mm)
Net Weight
Suitable for 2MP 1080P , 3MP, 4MP and 5MP HD dome camera and bullet camera
Package Content:
1x Board Lens
Camera lens selection principle and monitoring angle: Surveillance camera lens selection of the parameter value is greater, the more narrow the look, and vice versa, the smaller the lens parameters, the smaller the wider. For example, want to see 10 meters need 3.6-4MM camera lens, 20 meters need 6MM camera lens and 30 meters need 8MM camera lens. 40 meters need 12MM lens, 50 meters need 16MM lens , With the environment, all according to the actual selection. Monitor camera select 1/3 lens for example monitoring angle: Surveillance camera lens 2.1MM small lens - monitoring angle 150 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 2.5MM small lens - monitoring angle 130 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 2.8MM small lens - monitoring angle 115 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 3.6MM small lens - monitoring angle 80-96 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 4MM- monitoring angle 78-80 degrees; The camera lens 6MM- monitoring perspective 53-60; The camera lens 8MM- monitoring perspective 40-45; The camera lens 12MM- monitoring perspective 23-30; To monitor the camera monitoring 16MM- angle 15-17 degrees; Illustrate the relationship between focal length and monitoring angle: Surveillance camera lens 3.5-8MM-- monitoring angle 96-45 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 6-15MM-- monitoring angle 53-23 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 6-36MM-- monitoring angle 53-10 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 8.5-51MM-- monitoring angle 57-10 degrees; Surveillance camera lens 6-60MM-- monitoring angle 53-6 degrees; (Each manufacturer\'s lens angle is not the same, there is a certain angle difference.)

Einheitstyp stück
Verpackungsgewicht 0.05kg (0.11lb.)
Verpackungsgröße 12cm x 10cm x 8cm (4.72in x 3.94in x 3.15in)
Bündel 3.6mm, 6mm, 16mm
Markenname DONTER
Modellnummer M12-5MP-16mm
Speichergröße Kein
Fokale Länge 16mm

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5MP 1/2. 5 "16mm 27 Grad CCTV Festen Iris Ir-brett-objektiv M12 MTV halterung für 960 P 1080 P 2MP 3MP 4MP 5 Megapixel Analoge Ip-kamera

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